A Few of the Longest Backpacking Trails in America

The United States is home to nearly 60 million hikers. An additional 10.3 million individuals enjoy backpacking. While there is a considerable deal of overlap between hiking and backpacking, the latter can be viewed as not just exercise and outdoor exploration but as an efficient, affordable approach to travel. Backpackers fit everything they need to survive in a single pack and spend nights outside or in cheap hostels and Airbnbs. There are numerous trail systems throughout the US for backpackers to enjoy.

The two longest hiking trails in America both clock in at about 6,800 miles. The American Discovery Trail is a favorite among American backpackers, as it is the only trail that links the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. The trail moves through 15 states and Washington, DC, with trailheads in California and Delaware. Additional sites along with the way range from a combined 20 National Forests and Parks to more than 10,000 registered historical sites, not to mention countless wilderness areas.

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